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Matchimus Machine Learning Reconciliation

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Integrating Matchimus

Integrating Matchimus Machine Learning Reconciliation


Matchimus is a matching server module which is installed and run alongside your existing reconciliation system fitting seamlessly into your existing business process with simple REST API train and match requests.

No costly, complex, long-running system replacement projects with its associated RFPs, migrations and high upfront capital expenses.

No experimenting or data scientists needed, Matchimus comes pre-configured with optimal and specialized machine learning and optimization algorithms for matching.

No required building out functionality to operationally incorporate general machine learning algorithms into your existing rules engine.


With our white glove options, we perform any needed 'plumbing' into your existing reconciliation system keeping things simple for your IT team.



For rules-based matching engines, when data quality is an issue, setting up appropriate matching rules and maintaining them to keep match rates high and mismatch rates low is a tricky and time-consuming activity.


Once your data is imported into Matchimus using our flexible ETL tool, no user match rule configuration is required as Matchimus automatically learns from your past operational data in minutes, giving you rapid results and immediate ROI.

Matchimus Artificial Intelligence Auto-train


Matchimus IA Transaction Auto-Match


Matchimus works like an additional supercharged team member, matching transactions which your rules engine can’t match. The only change your operations team will need to adapt to is the small number of matches in their manual match queue!

Matchimus provides easy to understand explanations of match decisions, so no user learning curve or knowledge of machine learning is needed.

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