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Machine Learning Reconciliations

Not technology in search of a problem.

Patented technology purpose-built.

Based on our operational experience with reconciliations in the banking industry our team set out to develop the industry's most effective and accurate transaction matching system. With this goal, Matchimus was designed from the ground up for this specific business purpose.

Based on years of research and development with continual feedback from application to real-world data,  Matchimus goes beyond what standard out of the box machine learning can deliver with specifically honed and patented proprietary algorithms, giving you the highest possible match rates and accuracy.

Matchimus Machine Learning Algorithms

Matchimus machine learning algorithms have been purpose-built specifically for transactional data matching taking into account the operational characteristics of the matching process. This includes automatically keeping each model up to date to handle ongoing changes in the operational data.

Matchimus optimization performs a comprehensive 'what-if' on all possible matchings, enabling it to zero-in on the best matches and crystallize its decisions leading to groundbreaking accuracy, even when operating with poor transaction data quality.

Mathine Learning Accuracy
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