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Reduce your team’s cognitive overload with the help of Matchimus AI

Is your highly educated operations team spending hours every day on rote and draining manual matching for thousands of cash or other financial transactions whenever your reconciliation rules engine can’t match them?

If so, Matchimus can help. Matchimus is a matching booster which through specially built machine learning and optimization algorithms, works alongside your existing reconciliation system to eliminate most of your manual matching, all the while maintaining pinpoint accuracy. Let Matchimus do your tedious work, getting your reconciliations ship-shape in seconds not hours, so you and your team can take back control of your day.

The simple AI add-on that delivers your next straight-through-processing win

Match rate and accuracy which dramatically outperforms market-leading rules engines with a 

60 - 80% 

reduction in manual matching.

Even our competitors call our technology disruptive



Microservice integrates into your legacy system with a 15 minute installation and training process.

NO complex system replacements.

NO data scientists needed.

LOW IT involvement.

NO user learning curve

NO user configuration

Just install, auto-train, and match.




Don't take our word for it!

See for yourself how much your team can benefit.

With pay as you save pricing plans, you guarantee your next straight-through processing win.