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Request a Free Reconciliations Benchmark Pack

We love helping organizations save precious time in their reconciliations processes, so we have created a free benchmark reconciliations assessment pack which includes:

Have you wanted to review the strengths and weaknesses of your reconciliation process but haven’t found the time yet? If so, then look no further. Have a chat with us and together, we will figure out your reconciliation process KPIs and how they stack up against your industry counterparts.


2. Reconciliations Process Efficiency Map

Do you have a perfectly tuned and smoothly running operation or do you have some manual bottle necks and operational log jams? This mapping will help shine a light on strengths and identify improvement opportunities

1. Reconciliations KPI assessment report


3. Bonus Benchmark Transaction Dataset.


We have launched the industry’s first and only set of benchmark real-world datasets which allow organizations to directly measure the effectiveness of their existing transaction matching system in a precise and scientific manner. We believe in the power of metrics and what better way to assess and compare your current system than to run it on real-world benchmark data sets.

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